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chiropractor - work-related injuriesIf you have been injured at work you need to obtain the right treatment as soon as possible, as this will decrease the amount of pain and back to leading a normal life sooner. When you have an injury at work it doesn’t just affect your work life, but it can have devastating effects on your family as well.

That’s why it is important to make an appointment to see the highly qualified chiropractor as soon as an injury has occurred. In addition, work cover claims tend to run smoother if you take action close to the time of your workplace accident.

Penrith Spinal Centre can accept WorkCover claims and can provide a treatment plan specific for your needs.

Common injuries treated through WorkCover NSW include:

  • Lower back injuries and disc bulges, which can lead to nerve damage or sciatica.
  • Sprain/strain injuries, this commonly occurs in the cervical spine (neck), shoulders or in the elbow (lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow). This is often from poor work ergonomic and poor posture during long hours of computer work or any type of work that has a repetitive nature.
  • Motor vehicle Accidents (MVA) are very common can have long lasting affects if you have been involved in a car accident. If you are driving directly to or from work, or driving is a normal part of you job and you have an accident, no matter whose fault it is, you may be eligible to claim your injury as part of WorkCover NSW. Common injuries associated with car accidents include whiplash, neck injury, dizziness, pin’s and needles in you hands or legs, mid-back pain and lower back pain.

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