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Discover the empowerment and improved wellbeing that comes with specialised chiropractic treatments. Managing pain or dealing with musculoskeletal issues need not be a solitary struggle; our clinic stands ready to support you with professional and sensitive chiropractic care.

In partnership with an experienced Penrith chiropractor, we’ll chart your path to peak health and a life unburdened by discomfort.

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Are you searching for a Chiropractor in Penrith who can unravel the mystery behind your discomfort and guide you towards effective solutions? 

Sifting through options can be overwhelming when you need a practitioner attuned to your specific issues and ready to facilitate meaningful improvements.

Here at Penrith Spinal Care, we’re driven by one fundamental objective – to restore your sense of wellbeing swiftly and proficiently.

We believe in approaching your health holistically; focusing merely on symptoms misses the larger picture. Identifying and addressing the root cause of your discomfort is crucial for alleviating pain and ensuring its lasting absence.

The essence of chiropractic care is to promote the re-establishment of proper spinal alignment and functionality.

Broken down, ‘Chiropractic’ combines ‘CHIRO’, stemming from the Greek term for ‘hand’, with ‘PRACTIC’, referring to a system or practice. This highlights our practice’s foundation – utilising hand-based techniques to adjust and correct the spine.

Trust us to pave your path to a comfortable, pain-free lifestyle.

Nestled in the bustling city of Penrith, our clinic is conveniently located within a short stroll of several local bus stops and the Southlands Shopping Centre. Our excellent location near public transport allows us to extend our chiropractic services to all western suburbs within the Penrith area, including Jamisontown, South Penrith, Glenmore Park, Kingswood, and neighbouring suburbs such as Caddens, Emu Plains, Jordan Springs and more.

Dr Michael Vella, your local Penrith Chiropractor.

Treated Conditions

Chiropractric Conditions Treated

Our dedicated practitioners at Chiropractor Penrith Clinic are experts in addressing spinal conditions. We target the root causes of neck and back pain. Such discomfort often stems from compressed or irritated nerves, potentially leading to a rigid spine and tense muscles. Neck-related issues might extend to headaches due to strain and stress, while other spinal conditions could cause regional pain and stiffness.

Our chiropractors are backed by extensive university-level training and over 30 years of practical experience. They master precise manual techniques termed ‘chiropractic adjustments’. Through these specialised adjustments, we focus on eliminating the origins of inflammation to alleviate neck and back discomfort, all through natural means, without the reliance on medication or surgical interventions.

Often considered for just neck and back problems, we can offer relief for the following conditions:

back pain

Back Pain

Back pain is recognised as one of the most common reasons for referrals to doctors, and accounts for a large proportion of missed days at work.

neck pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain and its related problems can become incapacitating for sufferers. Millions of people will experience neck pain at some point in their life.

headaches & migraines

Headaches & Migraines

Chiropractic for headaches works by releasing the areas of tension around the head and neck, and re-training the spine to prevent further headaches.

knee pain

Knee Pain

Soft tissue massage and adjustments can reduce swelling and inflammation, and adjustments can restore the range of motion following knee pain or knee cartilage injuries.

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder sprains, strains and dislocations are very common, and are often caused by sports activities that involve excessive overhead motion.



Chiropractic care for arthritis aims to get your body to move freely and reduce the need for pain relieving medication is reduced or even disappears.

sports injuries

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are generally in the form of soft tissue injuries, which refers to any damage to ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves and joints

work-related injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Work related injuries include a group of conditions that involve the nerves, tendons, muscles, and supporting structures such as intervertebral discs.

Our Edge

Our Chiropractor's Difference


Spine health and musculoskeletal care experts

Fully qualified, with expansive further postgraduate studies, accredited and with years of experience in treating spinal, sports and musculoskeletal conditions. We are always learning and striving for improved results.


Accurate Diagnosis

This is the crucial starting point for a successful recovery from injury.


Committed to Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice refers to integrating patient values, the latest and most rigorously-tested research evidence and our own clinical expertise into the decision-making process for the care of the patient.

We are always keeping in touch with the research literature and use it as a part of the clinical decision making process.


Individualised treatments

Every patient is unique and requires different care. We draw a diverse range of chiropractic manual medicine skils, exercise rehabilitation strategies and years of experience, in order to formulate the right care plan for you.


Patient centred care

Our practice always aims to provide respectful care to each and every patient responding to their unique needs preferences and values while ensuring that their choices guide the clinical decisions of our chiropractors.


Multimodal treatments

No single treatment approach works for all people, all the time. For our treatments, we draw from a very diverse range of chiropractic, manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation strategies including dry needing. It is often the combination of diverse approaches acting in synergy that results in the best outcome.


Measurable results

We pride ourselves on achieving measurable results. We regularly utilise outcome measures to monitor your progress and the success of our treatment approach.


Whole body approach

We work with the whole muscoloskeletal system from heat to toes, muscles, and joints.

Chiropractic Care

What to expect from your chiropractic care?

We will undertake a detailed history regarding your current complaint and your past spinal & medical health.

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