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Perhaps debilitating migraines plague your everyday life. Maybe you just come down with the occasional headache after a long day at the office or a stressful argument with a loved one. Regardless of how often you suffer from headaches or to what degree, you should know that there is help available.

Headaches affect a lot of people, and can be very debilitating, because headaches are so common, most people think that getting a headache is a normal part of life. This is simply not true. Headaches are a sign that something is wrong. Aspirin and medication may take the pain away from tension headaches, migraines and cluster headaches, but they do not correct the underlying cause. They can also lead to unwanted side effects.

Chiropractic gets to the cause of the problem. If the bones in the neck are not supporting your head properly, this can affect the nerves, muscles and blood supply to your head. Most often in headaches, the veins and arteries inside the brain and skull are inflamed, compressed or stretched, which causes pain to be experienced around the head.

Headache symptoms can have many origins: sinus trouble, fevers, infections and alcohol. These headaches, caused by external factors, are believed to account for only 5% of all headaches. In fact, the most common headache cause is a ‘primary headache’, in which the headache results from irritation from the nerves around the head and neck. Muscles tension leading to nerve irritation is thought to be responsible for up to 95% of all headaches. These kinds of headaches are often referred to as stress or tension headaches, and are called ‘primary’ as they are not symptoms of other infections or triggers.

Chiropractic care works directly on the site of pain to restore the normal functioning of the spine. Chiropractors look for areas of muscles tension or weakness in the neck and head as sites of headache causes. This may include tight muscles in the base of the neck, at the base of the skull, or in the jaw. Using simple massage and adjustments, Chiropractic can provide headache relief for good,
without expensive or dangerous techniques.

Chiropractic for headaches works by releasing the areas of tension around the head and neck, and re-training the spine to prevent further headaches. Removing the causes of spinal stress addresses both the muscle and nerve tension and the resulting headaches. Advice on posture, ergonomics and sleeping positions may be beneficial to headache sufferers.

Chiropractic is a simple, non-intrusive, and most importantly a long-lasting form of headache relief that benefits all members of the family.

Contact Penrith Spinal Centre on 4732 1612 or contact us online to find out how we can help your Headaches & Migraine with chiropractic care.

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